1971 WAR

Practice Test

Posted by Usman Hameed on 10 November, 2019


Question No. 1:  


A planned military operation carried out by the Pakistan Army to put down the Bengali nationalist movement in East Pakistan in March 1971. Ordered by the central government in West Pakistan, this was seen as the sequel to "Operation Blitz" which had been launched in November 1970. The original plan envisioned taking control of the major cities on March 26, and then eliminating all opposition, political or military within one month. Bengali resistance was not expected by the Pakistani army and led to many atrocities taking place that caused some 10 million refugees to flee to India. These atrocities enraged the Bengalis, who declared independence from Pakistan, and led to the creation of Bangladesh.

According to Source A, what was the operation Searchlight?

3 marks





The cyclone that broke Pakistan’s back Cyclone Bhola hit East Pakistan on 12 November 1970. It wiped out villages, destroyed crops and killed nearly one million people. Nearly 85 per cent of the area was destroyed. Three months after the cyclone, 75 per cent of the population was receiving food from relief workers. Historians believe the devastation caused by the cyclone, the view that the government had mismanaged the relief efforts and West Pakistan’s blatant neglect, all contributed to the high levels of anti-West Pakistan feeling.

This led to a sweeping victory for the Awami League, and eventually the breakup of Pakistan and the creation of Bangladesh. The catastrophe happened in Pakistan yet it is felt that few Pakistanis even know of it by name. Fewer still remember that it eventually contributed to Pakistan’s breakup.

From The Express Tribune, 18 August 2010.


According to Source B, what problems were caused by Cyclone Bhola in 1970? 3 marks


(C) SOURCE C showing the signing of a peace treaty by high ranking military officers. 5 marks



What does Source C tell us about the outcome of the conflict between East Pakistan and West Pakistan?


D: why Pakistan lost 1971 war? 4 marks

E: Give three most important reasons for the creation of Bangladesh.  7 marks